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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is responding to the Alberta Medical Association’s (AMA) call for support after the provincial government terminated its current contract with physicians and imposed its own terms.

“Every province and territory abide by a well-established and respected negotiations process to establish physician fees. Last week represented an unexpected and unacceptable departure from this process.” – Dr. Sandy Buchman, CMA president

In a statement released Feb. 24, Dr. Buchman expressed concern about what this move away from negotiated agreements means for physicians’ working conditions and patient care in Alberta.

“The opportunities to modernize health care can only be realized in an environment of collaboration and open communication,” stated Dr. Buchman.

Last fall, the Alberta government passed Bill 21, legislation that allows the province to unilaterally end current contracts with the AMA. On Feb. 20, the province terminated its contract with doctors more than five weeks before it was set to expire.

The CMA is standing alongside its AMA colleagues in opposing this worrisome approach to physician negotiations, and in support of the basic principle of negotiated agreements. 

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