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​As part of CMA 2020, we’re introducing a new way for members to help shape CMA policy. This change was inspired by our commitment to ensuring our membership can continuously inform our policy agenda, and help shape how we function as an association.

The CMA’s traditional way of setting policy — at our General Council meeting, held once a year, with only a small number of members in attendance — was no longer meeting the memberships’ needs. In today’s fast-paced environment, they required a policy-setting process they could access year-round, to better respond to emerging issues and priorities. This process also needed to be open to the membership at large.

Through the new member proposals process, medical learners, practising and retired physicians can all bring forward issues for the CMA to champion as they arise, at any time of the year.

Benefits of the new member proposals process:

  • Increased grassroots engagement of members and the profession in our policy guidance.
  • More inclusivity, with all members being able to participate and champion an issue.
  • More accurate representation of the current issues of concern to the medical community.

An online submission form for both corporate and policy matters will be available shortly — stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, please refer to the FAQ for additional information. Members are also able to propose business and bylaw-type changes, as they pertain to the functioning of the association. These types of submissions will go through a similar review process and be shared at the Annual General Meeting for consideration. Through the 2020 plan, the CMA has committed to pursuing issues and causes that matter to the profession and patients. Submissions on policy matters should align with these goals, and will be assessed by physician peers based on relevancy, fit and focus. The CMA Board of Directors will review and make decisions on these types of submissions, and in some instances — depending on the scope of the proposal — will seek feedback through surveys, member-led communities of interest and other mechanisms.

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