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Starting today, Canadian Medical Association (CMA) members from Manitoba can vote for a physician to serve as CMA president in 2024-25.

The president-elect candidates are Dr. Cory Baillie, Dr. Anthony Battad, Dr. José François and Dr. Joss Reimer.

The president of the CMA – elected by members from a different province or territory every year – is the primary spokesperson for the CMA’s work. They represent the CMA in the media, as well as to provincial and territorial medical associations, government and other stakeholder organizations.

On Feb. 13, members had the opportunity to meet the candidates in a virtual session and learn more about their plans to support the CMA’s work, their priorities for health system change and key issues affecting the profession. Find out more about each of the candidates, including their social media profiles and other ways to get in touch.

Voting begins today and will remain open until Mar. 8 at 3:30 pm CT. All eligible voters must be members of Doctors Manitoba and the CMA with a Manitoba postal code. Eligible members will have received an email with the information needed to cast their vote. The election results will be shared within a few days of the election closing.

The nominee for president-elect will be ratified at the CMA Annual General Meeting on Aug. 16.

Learn more about the CMA presidency nomination process and guidelines.

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