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About CMA and CMA Companies

The CMA is a national, voluntary association of physicians and physicians-in-training. The CMA is a leader in engaging and serving physicians and is the national voice for the highest standards of health and health care. The CMA also provides leadership guidance to physician, wealth management advice and knowledge products and services through its subsidiaries, MD Financial Management and JouleTM, respectively.

Canadian Medical Association

The CMA was formed in 1867, just three months after the birth of Canada. It was created by 164 physicians who recognized the need for a national medical body.

Today the CMA has more than 85,000 members and champions a strong national vision for a healthy population and world-class health care on behalf of members and their patients.

2017 marks an extraordinary opportunity for the CMA to proudly showcase its 150-years long tradition of excellence, accomplishment and dedication, which together serve as a foundation for the medical profession’s meaningful future.