Canadian Medical Association

The CMA unites the medical profession in Canada to improve the health of Canadians and strengthen the health care system. We are currently developing our new strategic plan, which will outline how we will continue to support our members in achieving these goals.

We focus on advocacy, seeking to inform and shape public policy with the perspective of Canada’s physicians. Insights from our members and CMA policy specialists help us advance initiatives and policies to address some of the most pressing health issues in Canada. 

CMA Board of Directors

The board is responsible for managing the CMA’s affairs, which includes overseeing for-profit subsidiaries, strategic planning and risk management. The board meets regularly to provide direction to the senior management team.

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CMA Leadership

The CMA’s leadership teams set our strategic priorities — ensuring all policies, actions and activities advance our vision of a vibrant medical profession and a healthy population in Canada.

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CMA Governance

The CMA Governance structure includes CMA members, an Annual General Meeting, General Council, a Board of Directors and several committees.

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The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for members to connect on important and emerging association issues. 

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CMA Nominations and Elections

The CMA follows fair and transparent processes to nominate and elect its president-elect, board members, and other CMA committee members.

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Member Health Policy Proposals

Accepted year-round, members can submit health policy proposals to help establish a new CMA policy or clarify CMA’s ongoing health advocacy.

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Corporate business proposals

Addressed yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), members can submit corporate business proposals to enhance CMA governance, operations and bylaws up to 90 days before the AGM.

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