Canadian Medical Association

The CMA unites the medical profession in Canada to improve the health of Canadians and strengthen the health care system. Our strategic plan outlines how we support our members in achieving these goals.

Strategic plan CMA 2020

We focus on advocacy, seeking to inform and shape public policy with the perspective of Canada’s physicians. Insights from our members and CMA policy specialists help us advance initiatives and policies to address some of the most pressing health issues in Canada. 

Our bold future
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What we stand for

Our values

Uniting physicians on fundamental tenets important to the medical profession
Honesty in representing our members and conducting our business
Caring for physicians, patients and each other
Community building
Bringing diverse communities together to pursue common goals

Our strategic objectives

  1. Unite and inspire physicians on health issues and causes that matter 
  2. Engage in courageous, influential and collaborative dialogue and advocacy
  3. Consistently bring a patient perspective to the work of the CMA

CMA Board of Directors

The board is responsible for managing the CMA’s affairs, which includes overseeing for-profit subsidiaries, strategic planning and risk management. The board meets regularly to provide direction to the senior management team.

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CMA Leadership

The CMA’s leadership teams set our strategic priorities — ensuring all policies, actions and activities advance our vision of a vibrant medical profession and a healthy population in Canada.

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CMA Bylaws

The CMA’s bylaws set out the long-term governance framework and the parameters of management and operation.

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AGM and General Council

The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for members to connect on important and emerging association issues. General Council is an opportunity for members to weigh in on CMA policy.

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How we’re governed

The CMA is governed by a board of directors made up of members from each province and territory, a medical student and a resident and a non physician. The board meets regularly to provide direction to the senior management team and set the CMA Strategic direction. We identify priorities for health care system improvements at our Health Summit and meeting, as well as through such policy inputs as  member health policy proposals, member forums, General Council and communities of interest. 

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