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The CMA’s first National Physician Health Survey (in 2017), which surveyed nearly 3,000 physicians and residents across Canada, provided valuable baseline data on a range of wellness indicators. The 2021 National Physician Health Survey (NPHS) remained open for five weeks and received more than 4,000 responses from Canadian physicians and medical learners. New to the 2021 survey was the inclusion of both CMA members and non-members, as well as medical students. Additionally, 2,000 non-physicians were surveyed to allow for comparisons with the general population. 

Significantly, the study uses an equity lens to examine the health and wellness of specific at-risk subgroups with the goal to inform system-level changes and improve physician health and wellness — from medical school through retirement.

2021 National Physician Health Survey - Foundational report

The results from the latest NPHS allow the CMA and other stakeholders to identify individual, organizational and system-level changes needed to better support physicians, residents and medical students, and to create a healthier medical culture and more effective health care system.

This report includes prevalence data on all survey items and identifies significant differences in outcomes according to key demographics.

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From data to action: Understanding the drivers of physician wellness

Results from these regression analyses confirm that burnout, professional fulfillment and likelihood to reduce work hours are indeed related and provide additional insight into the specific drivers of these three factors.

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Comparison with General Population Report

With data from the 2021 NPHS, this report includes an analysis of the differences in wellness-related outcomes between physicians and the general population.

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National Physician Health Survey – Medical student report

With further analysis from the 2021 NPHS, this report details the differences in wellness-related outcomes of medical students compared with practising physicians and medical residents.

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Comparison of Geographic Locations: Urban/Suburban vs. Small Town/Rural/ Remote Areas

With further analysis from the 2021 NPHS, this report details the differences in wellness-related outcomes of physicians and medical residents practising in small towns and rural and remote communities compared with those practising in urban and suburban areas.

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2017 National Physician Health Survey

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