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The Canadian Medical Association is on the cutting edge of issues relating to physicians and the health system in Canada. Explore a wide range of topics that can contribute to your ability to lead and advocate for a better future of medicine.

Early Career Learning Series

Starting your career can present many challenges that medical school or residency may not have prepared you for. The Early Career Learning Series can help increase awareness and competency in key areas that are crucial to your success as a physician.

Finding meaning and purpose in medicine

A career in medicine can be difficult and all-consuming – long hours, endless paperwork, emotionally draining situations – and can have major impacts on your mental and physical well-being. In this session, you’ll explore the evidence related to physician satisfaction and burnout, and hear examples of physician leaders who are reprioritizing their lives around meaning and purpose.

Led by: Dr. Jillian Horton

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Sustainability in health care

With a worsening climate crisis, industries are examining their impacts on the local and global environment. Health care is no exception, and this session will demonstrate actionable ways that systems and individual physicians can contribute to a more sustainable practice. This session is co-sponsored by CASCADES, an initiative to address health care’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Led by: Drs. Andrea MacNeill, Fiona Miller and Caroline Stigant of CASCADES

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“Influencing Up” for Early Career Physicians

As a resident or a new-to-practice physician, making changes to the systems or processes where you work can seem like an impossible task. Senior physicians and administration may seem entrenched in their thinking, and as a new and junior physician, you may feel like your opinion and insights aren’t as valuable. But a fresh set of eyes can help any organization, and everyone brings important skills and experience to their work.

Led by: Drs. Yan Yu and Katie Lin with Drs. Monty Ghosh, Rita Watterson and Ali Damji

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Events & expert discussions

CMA regularly hosts events, discussions and virtual gatherings to address current issues facing Canada’s physicians.

Health Summit Series: Bold Choices in Health Care

A health care system in crisis should not be the status quo. At our Health Summit Series: Bold Choices in Health Care, the CMA engaged with physicians, providers, patients and other health stakeholders on the urgent decisions we need for real transformation in the health system.

Fireside Chats on Indigenous Health

Trust comes before reconciliation. This was the overwhelming message of the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Fireside Chat series, which brought together Indigenous patients, providers and leaders to talk about how we can move forward, together, on reconciliation.


    Medicine has no shortage of complex issues, even in non-clinical areas. CMA publishes explainers that cover a variety of topics on both issues facing physicians as well as solutions to address them.

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