Canadian Medical Association

Historically, the CMA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in jurisdictions across Canada to coincide with the presidential rotation. In 2019, the Board of Directors approved a new schedule to hold the AGMs in larger urban centres, in tandem with the CMA Health Summit (when applicable). 

CMA AGM locations and reports


Provincial/territorial jurisdiction

2017 Quebec (Aug. 20–23 – Quebec City)
Report to Members 2017 (login required) | Resolutions adopted | Proceedings of the 150th Annual Meeting (2017) (login required)
2018 Manitoba (Aug. 19–22 – Winnipeg, includes inaugural CMA Health Summit)
Report to Members 2018 (login required) | Proceedings of the 151st Annual Meeting (2018) (login required) 
2019 Ontario (Aug. 11–13 – Toronto, includes CMA Health Summit)
2019 Report to Members (login required) | Minutes of 2019 AGM and GC (login required)
2020 Held virtually on Aug. 23
2020 Report to Members (login required) | Minutes of 2020 AGM and GC (login required)
2021 Held virtually on Aug. 22
2021 Report to Members | 2021 Nominations Committee Report | Minutes of the 2021 AGM (login required)
2022 Held virtually on Aug. 21
2022 Report to Members (includes 2021 CMA non-consolidated audited financial statements) | 2022 Nominations Committee Report | Minutes of the 2022 AGM (login required)
2023 Held virtually on Aug. 16
2023 Report to Members (includes 2022 CMA non-consolidated audited financial statements) | 2023 Nominations Committee Report
2024 To be held virtually on May 29
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