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CMA president

Every year, the CMA holds fair and transparent nominations and elections processes for the position of CMA president-elect.

Dr. Ann Collins is the current CMA president.
Dr. Katharine Smart is the CMA president-elect.
Dr. Alika Lafontaine is the CMA president-elect nominee.

Learn more about timelines, eligibility and how to run.

Promoting equity and diversity

Learn more about the proposed governance changes to CMA leadership search processes

Equity and Diversity

As described in our Policy on Equity and Diversity in Medicine, the CMA is committed to equity and diversity and to reconciliation. The CMA aims to implement robust processes for inclusion as a vehicle to achieving equity and diversity. It is important that we have a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of the medical profession and the communities we serve to ensure a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and skills to provide better solutions, drive innovation and creativity, and enhance decision making.

Board of Directors

The CMA elections process is organized through its Nominations Committee. Terms for provincial/territorial directors are three years (renewable once). Nominations will be solicited and may be put forward by provincial and territorial medical associations (PTMAs) and affiliates (RDoC and CFMS), medical organizations or by a requisite number of members from a jurisdiction. Terms for student and resident directors are one year (renewable twice) and nominations may be put forward by their affiliate society or the requisite number of members of that affiliate society. For additional details please consult the CMA Bylaw 12.3.3

Term renewal

Provincial/Territorial directors are generally expected to serve two (2) three-year terms (CMA Bylaw 11.3.2), with a renewal after the first three-year term. Provincial/Territorial directors can only serve two consecutive terms. 

Board of Director renewals anticipated for 2021: 

  • Director from Newfoundland
  • Director from Northwest Territories
  • Director from Ontario

Nominees are ratified by the CMA’s AGM/General Council. The CMA encourages applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences. To learn more about this process — including timelines, eligibility and how to join the board — read the full guidelines here:

Nomination Timeline and Eligibility Criteria for CMA Board Directors

CMA Director Job Description

Other leadership positions

The CMA holds an annual nomination process to fill vacant committee and leadership positions. Nominations for these positions will be solicited and be put forward by PTMAs and affiliates (RDoC and CFMS) or by medical organizations or members (need to be a member in good standing, with expressed support from 50 members or PTMA confirmation). Nominees are ratified by the CMA’s AGM/General Council. All committee terms (with the exception of the student and resident positions) are three years (renewable once).

Committee renewals anticipated for 2021:

  • CMA Audit and Finance Committee: one member-at-large position


The CMA is currently looking to fill the following positions:

For more information on these positions and how to apply, please contact CMAElections@cma.caThe deadline to submit applications is Apr. 22, 2021.

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