Canadian Medical Association

CMA President-Elect Nominee Election

In February, members of the Canadian Medical Association practising in Yukon will be voting to elect the nominee for the position of CMA president-elect for 2020-21.

How to vote (YMA members only)

Look for an email in your inbox from on Feb. 5, 2020. It will contain voting instructions and a link to the secure voting site.

Note: In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a YMA member a minimum of 3 business days ahead of the election (i.e., before 4 pm PST on Jan. 30, 2020).

Candidates for CMA President-Elect Nominee

Election process and timelines

CMA President

Every year, the CMA holds fair and transparent nominations and elections processes for the position of CMA president-elect.

Dr. Sandy Buchman is the current CMA president.

Dr. Ann Collins is the CMA president-elect.

Learn more about timelines, eligibility and how to run.

Board of Directors

The CMA elections process is organized through its Nominations Committee. Terms for provincial/territorial directors are three years (renewable once) and nominations may be put forward by provincial and territorial medical associations (PTMAs) and affiliates (RDoC and CFMS) or by a requisite number of members from a jurisdiction. Terms for student and resident directors are one year (renewable twice) and nominations may be put forward by their affiliate society or the requisite number of members of that affiliate society. For additional details please consult the CMA Bylaw 12.3.3. Nominees are ratified by the CMA’s General Council.

To learn more about this process — including timelines, eligibility and how to join the board — read the full guidelines here:

Nomination Timeline and Eligibility Criteria for CMA Board Directors

CMA Director Job Description

Transition Plan for new CMA Board of Directors Structure

Other elected positions

The CMA holds an annual nomination process to fill vacant committee positions. Nominations for these positions can be put forward by PTMAs and affiliates (RDoC and CFMS) or by affiliates-members (a minimum of 50 member signatures is required). Nominees are ratified by the CMA’s General Council. All committee terms (with the exception of the student and resident positions) are three years (renewable once).*

Learn more about these positions here:

CMA Appointments Committee

CMA Audit and Finance Committee

CMA Committee on Ethics

CMA Governance Committee

CMA Nominations Committee

CMA Speaker and Deputy Speaker of General Council

*Note: A bylaw amendment to increase term lengths for the provincial and territorial positions and affiliate positions on the Nominations Committee from one year to three years, renewable once, will be considered at the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Student and resident members’ terms would continue to be one year but would be renewable twice. Should the bylaw changes not pass, all terms would continue to be one year.