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“We aren’t actually part of normal society, not anymore. Medicine does something to us. It teaches us another language, one only other doctors can understand. Eventually it scripts our emotions, neutralizing them whenever they threaten to overwhelm our senses.” – Dr. Jillian Horton

Dr. Jillian Horton is an internist and award-winning medical educator, and a writer and expert on physician health. Yet like more than one-quarter of physicians, she has struggled with severe burnout. Her new book, We Are All Perfectly Fine, chronicles her personal journey to overcome it.

In this episode, she talks candidly with Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie about her book and the themes it addresses: the flawed system that shapes medical professionals, the rarely acknowledged stresses and trauma that lead many physicians to burnout, and her own quest to rediscover the joy and meaning in medicine.

This episode is available in English only.

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