Canadian Medical Association

The CMA’s leadership teams set our strategic priorities — ensuring all policies, actions and activities advance our vision of a vibrant medical profession and a healthy population in Canada.

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CMA senior management team

The senior management team oversees the CMA’s day-to-day operations. It follows the strategic directions of the CMA Board of Directors, and includes:

  • Tim Smith, CEO for CMA and CMA Group of Companies
  • Owen Adams, Chief Policy Advisor
  • Dr. Jeff Blackmer, Vice-president, International Health
  • John Feeley, Vice-president, Community and Member Engagement
  • Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie, Vice-president, Physician Health and Wellness
  • Luce Lavoie, Vice-president, Enterprise Marketing and Communications
  • Joseph Mayer, Vice-president, Advocacy and Policy
  • Jimmy Mui, Chief Operating Officer and CFO
  • Jean Nelson, Vice-president, Legal and Governance, and Chief Privacy Officer
  • Deborah Scott-Douglas, Vice-president, Innovation
  • Allison Seymour, Vice-president, Strategy

CMA Subsidiaries

CMA Holdings 2018 Inc. Board of Directors

The board of directors of CMA Holdings 2018 Inc. is responsible for overseeing all subsidiaries in alignment with high-level strategy and principles set by the CMA.

CMA Investco Inc. Board of Directors

The board of directors of CMA Investco Inc. is responsible for overseeing the investment and management of CMA assets.

CMA Foundation Board of Directors

The board of directors of the CMA Foundation is responsible for overseeing charitable giving to registered Canadian charities that further excellence in health care and that support Canadian physicians and physician learners.

Joule Board of Directors

The board of directors of the CMA’s subsidiary company Joule steers the company’s long-term strategy, which is to create valuable resources and services for physicians and deepen CMA member loyalty.