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“I was accused of being a Chinese spy, a communist. I had GIFs posted on my Twitter feed and at the bottom of the comments section for the online press that was done, with Chinese soldiers marching in Tiananmen Square in perfect formation, with the implication I was one of them.” – Dr. Amy Tan

During the pandemic, many physicians, like Dr. Amy Tan, have found themselves in the traditional and social media spotlight as medical experts or as advocates for the patients and communities they serve. Yet, they’ve also been on the receiving end of online threats, abuse and harassment.

Dr. Najma Ahmed knows what they’re going through. In 2019, she faced intense harassment by pro-gun activists after launching a public campaign for tougher gun control laws. In this episode, Dr. Ahmed talks to Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie about the backlash outspoken advocates often face, how it can affect their mental health and whether “speaking out” is really worth it.

This episode is available in English only.  

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