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Patient Voice

“Patients are at the core of what we do. Everything in the practice of medicine exists because of our mandate to look after patients.”

Dr. Carl Nohr, CMA Board Member

The CMA Patient Voice is the Canadian Medical Association’s newest patient engagement initiative. Rooted in the CMA 2020 Strategic Plan, the CMA Patient Voice aims to further enhance our ability to advocate for a healthy population and a vibrant profession.

More specifically, the CMA Patient Voice will:

  • provide an informed patient perspective to the work of the CMA;
  • highlight emerging issues that matter to patients and the public; and
  • provide insights on patient engagement strategies and campaigns.

As the CMA moves towards bringing a patient perspective to our work, the CMA Patient Voice will help ensure we're hearing from a diversity of voices.

The CMA Patient Voice will be comprised of 10–12 patient representatives, plus two appointed CMA Board members, from different communities across Canada. Representatives must have knowledge and experience as a patient in Canada (physicians can participate if they have experience as a patient).

A call for nominations will be launched in May 2018.

Should you be interested in receiving information about the call, or know someone who should be a representative, please send an email to Please also return to this page in the coming weeks, as we provide updated information about the recruitment and selection process.