Canadian Medical Association

The Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Advocacy is named in honour of the CMA's first president (1867‑70), who was also a Father of Confederation, premier of Nova Scotia and Prime Minister of Canada.

The award is presented to a CMA member who has demonstrated recent leadership, commitment and dedication in advancing CMA goals and policies through grassroots advocacy.


2021    Dr. Karen Breeck
2020    Dr. Najma Ahmed
2019    Dr. Alika Lafontaine
2018    Dr. Albert Schumacher
2017    Dr. Peter Kuling
2016    Dr. Carolyn Bennett
2015    Dr. Emily Reynen
2014    Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid
2013    Dr. Colin Saldanha
2012    Dr. Dennis Furlong
2011    Dr. Ashok Muzumdar
2010    Dr. Bill W.W. Anderson
2009    Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell
2008    Dr. Alan Drummond and Dr. Andrew Affleck
2007    Dr. Daniel Wagner
2006    Dr. Robert Strang
2005    Not awarded
2004    Dr. Larry Patrick
2003    Dr. Robert Miller
2002    Dr. Harry Callaghan

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